The Great Architech Sinan (Koca Mimar Sinan)

Sinan is considered the greatest Ottoman architect of the Ottoman Empire's Architectural heritage. It is generally assumed that Sinan was born in the year 1490. It is also assumed that he spent his youth in the village of Agirnas near Kayseri until conscription (devsirme) to the "masters of carpenters". At age 22, Sinan is then…
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Sedefkâr Mehmed Agha

(1540-1618) Born in Albania  around 1540, Sedefkâr Mehmed Agha was brought to Istanbul in 1563 for employment in the Janissaries. The talented young man had many talents and skills, including playing musical instruments and creating beautiful artisanal wordworking  with inlaid mother of pearl. He started his career as a musician, and, at the same time,…
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