Çırağan Palace

Büyük Saray-ı Hümâyûn The construction of the Çırağan Palace, commissioned to Sarkis Balyan, was completed in 1871, eight years after construction had started. It covers the area of 76,400 m2 (664m X 115m). It was built in an eclectic style with an Eastern flair, mainly North African. The architectural style was inspired by  Alhambra, the…
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Feriye Palaces

In later years of the Ottoman Empire, especially after Abdülmecid died in 1861, the Empire needed new residences for Abdülmecid’s family (25 wives and 43 children) and the other extended royal family members. Instead of sending them away, they kept them in the palace. Therefore, they built private residence buildings next to the Palace toward Ortaköy,…
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Small Mecidiye Mosque

Küçük Mecidiye -Teşrifiye- Camii (1848) Built by Sultan Abdülmecid (1839-1861) in 1848, the Small Mecidiye Mosque was located on the Eastern entrance of the Yıldız Park, just behind the Çırağan Palace. The mosque is a part of the complex (külliye) built by Sultan Abdülmecid, which also included Sıbyan Mektebi (elementary school), medrese (theological school), and…
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