Visiting Istanbul collects your personal data such as name, surname, mobile phone number, home phone number, business phone number, business address and e-mail address to contact you. These data do not include any personal data specified in the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.

Your personal data we collect can be stored in service providers at home or abroad, and can be processed for purposes and in proportion to these purposes. Your collected personal data will be processed within the scope of the legislation and the security measures envisaged. In order to prevent and protect the unlawful processing and access of your collected personal data, technical and administrative measures are carried out using various methods and security technologies to ensure the most appropriate level of security that technology permits.

It should be known that your personal information may be disclosed or transferred to third parties, where it is permitted and / or required by legislation. In case of linking to other applications via Visiting Istanbul official web pagesVisiting Istanbul does not bear any responsibility for the privacy policies and contents of the linked application or pages.