Secondary Information

The First Seven Ecumenical Councils

Christianity was formed as an organized religion, and was accepted as Rome’s official religion during the reign of Roman Empire Constantine the Great (306-337). During this period, several councils were held to establish the generally accepted rules. An ecumenical (worldwide) council is a conference held by theological dignitaries and experts to discuss and settle the…
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Great Schism of 1054

Geographical, cultural, linguistic and political conditions created severe disagreements or divisions, called schism, between the east and the west, or even within the west and the east as time passed. In 1054, the Great Schism, also called the East–West Schism, created centuries-long separation between the Eastern and the Western branches of Christianity. The Great Schism…
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The Crimean War

(1853-1856) The most important military confrontation during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecid was the three-year Crimean War (1853-1856) between the Russians and the British, French, Sardinians and Ottomans. It marks the first Ottoman war, for which Ottomans allied with other countries. Among the major reasons of the war was that Russians desired to expand their territory…
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