Once subjected by Romans, invaded by Latin Crusaders and conquered by the Ottomans, Istanbul now hosts new conquerors equipped with the smart phones and social media, and new invaders armed with laptops, knapsacks or briefcases. What is common among these people is that they are hungry for history, and want to see historical artifacts, monuments…
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Brief History

Because of its suitable climate, the area of Istanbul is very rich with plant life, which made it very attractive to animals. The availability of these two elements created a perfect environment for human beings needing both to survive. Therefore, settlements started here early on, all the way back to the Neolithic Age. According to…
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The Living History of Istanbul

"Constantinople, Never. It is the Empire of the world," said Napoleon Bonaparte of France in late 18th century, when the Tsar Alexander of Russia constantly forced Napoleon to allow him to take Constantinople. Actually, Napoleon was not the first person with this thought. Millions have migrated here for thousands of years for the same bond…
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