Cruise Tourism

Located in the sea-based tourism category, port visits, visits in close proximity to the harbor and covers activities consisting of shopping cruise tourism today in the tourism industry in recent years as a rather shining a tourism type star has come to the fore.

the most preferred route of the cruise tourists Caribbean / Bahamas Turkey's Mediterranean countries which are followed within. between the Mediterranean countries of Spain, Italy and Greece, then Turkey ranks 4th. The number of cruise tourists in the world in 2013, the number of shares by 11%, reaching 20.9 million people in Turkey reached 2.2 million people.

Istanbul, in 2013, has hosted 689 417 tourists cruising. This number is the total number of cruise tourists coming to Turkey corresponds to approximately 1 / 3rd.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey Tourism Strategy is in place for the new port in Istanbul in 2023. Accordingly, Galata Cruise Port, Atakoy Zeytinburnu Cruise Port and Cruise Port has been shifted to plan for Istanbul.

Istanbul can be accessed at the address detailed information about the cruise tourism.


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