How To Go

Local Transportation: 

As well as minibuses and buses, boats, subway, metrobus, tram, funicular urban transport are often used.


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Intercity Transportation: There are road connections to all parts of the country from Istanbul. The starting point for domestic transportation, Harem, on the Asian side, on the European side are the international bus station in Esenler.

International Road Transport: by road from Istanbul, Greece, Macedonia, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Russia (Moscow), Romania, Bulgaria and Jordan (Amman) to time are made.

Station Tel: (+90-212) 658 05 05 - 658 10 10 - 658 00 36 (9 line) - 333 37 63 - 310 63 63




Istanbul  Airport on the European side and the Asian side there are two airports, including Sabiha Gokcen Airport. There are also helicopter and airplane rental in Istanbul.


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