Malta Pavilion

If you want to eat Ottoman-French food, you should dine in the Malta Pavilion. The dish recommended is Hünkar Beğendi, (meaning, "Sultan liked it"), lamb stew served on a bed of creamy roasted eggplant puree.

Built for resting and hunting on the north end of the park, the pavilion with a pool was a perfect addition to the park. The Malta Pavilion, built in 1871 by Sultan Abdülaziz (1861-1876), was then a part of the Çırağan Palace complex. The Malta Pavilion and the Çadır Pavilion were constructed at the same time.

It is rumored that the construction material was brought from Malta, from which it took its name. This two-story building with high ceilings, located in the third court, was commissioned to Sarkis Balyan. The second-floor balcony with a Bosphorus view on the façade also highlights the main entrance. The pool in the backyard is one of two big pools in Yıldız Park. Generously built high and arched windows and unifying doors create beautiful decoration from the exterior and extra lighting in the interior. The lounge has a marble pool decorated with swans and fish, and twin marble fountains on either side of the stairways. There is a large hall, a library, and bedrooms on the second floor.

Malta and Çadır pavilions were renovated in 1979 by Istanbul Turing, which converted them into a café and a restaurant. Since then, they are open to the public.

The Pavilion is now a cafe-restaurant. With its outstanding view of the Bosphorus, its exotic and serene atmosphere awaits when you need to escape city life. The garden café has a view of the Bosphorus through trees. It is located next to the Yıldız Imperial porcelain factory.

It is located in the 3rd Court.

(x) It is the story about Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III, who was the guest of Sultan Abdülaziz (1830-1876) and stayed in the Beylerbeyi Palace of Istanbul in 1869. Abdülaziz’s chef created a dish for Eugenie. She liked the food and sultan got the credit. So, HünkarBeğendi (meaning, Sultan liked it) was created.

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