Molla Celebi Mosque

Mehmed Vusuli Efendi, the Judge of Istanbul, ordered its construction by Architect Sinan on Meclisi Mebusan Street, in the Fındıklı district of Beyoglu county. It is said that it was built between 1561–1562. However, the precise date of the mosque’s construction is unknown, it is held that the mosque was established between the above mentioned dates. When it was brought together with the Sıbyan mektebi (Ottoman elementary-primary school) and bath, which have not reached our time, the Molla Celebi Mosque, said to have been designed as a small complex, is a hexagonal mosquedesigned by the architect Sinan.

Essentially, the mosque consists of two sections: the central prayer space of the Molla Celebi Mosque, which has a size of 18.90 x 16.40m, and the mihrab yeri (chancel) which has a size of 8.80 x 4.60m. The central prayer section is covered by a dome fixed on six arches with a diameter of 11.80m and the dome’s weight being distributed on six piers. In addition, ten windows, which were placed on the lower part of the dome, and window gaps, placed in two vertical ranks on the wall window’s sides made of limestone (küfeki taşı) blocks, illuminate the mosque. The minbar (pulpit) is decorated with polychrome wall paintings (kalem işi) and the decorative mihrab (niche) is in the same style of the Classical Architectural tradition which is visible throughout the structure. Furthermore, the thin minaret with its single sherefe (minaret balcony) rises from the right corner of the arcaded entrance which is covered by four domes overlooking the street.


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