Ortaköy Mosque

Since it was built in 1853 by Architect Nigoğos Balyan right next to Bosphorus, Ortaköy Mosque has been one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul.

This mosque has an elegant style and is built in the Baroque style. It is placed in one of the most famous districts of Istanbul, Ortaköy and like all mosques built by the sultan, it contains a harem and sultan’s office.

Wide and high windows are arranged in such a way that moves the changing light of Bosphorus inside the mosque.

The stair-cased building has two minarets with a single balcony each. The walls are made of white hewn stone. The walls of the single dome contain pink mosaics.
The mihrab features mosaics and marble and the mimbar is made of porphyry-coated marble, all products of superior workmanship.

Source: www.istanbul.com

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