SALT Galata

The works of Abbas Akhavan, Refik Anadol, Futurefarmers and Laure Prouvost can be watched in "Art Uses: Last Exhibition" which opened in the past days.

SALT Galata, the 5-year "Art Uses" project of the European beauty confederation L'Internationale since 2012, Abbas Akhavan, Refik Anadol, Futurefarmers and Laure Prouvost. "Use of Art: Last Exhibition" which will continue until June 11; She is encouraging "to give unique responses and make qualified comments on what SALT Galata is or might be as a cultural venue".

The exhibition, which has been instrumental in rethinking the relationship art lovers set up with space, In the case of Abbas Akhavan 's "ax chatter" in SALT Research and Cataract 2 of Futurefarmers' Seed Journey "in the Case Room of SALT Research, Laure Prouvost' s" smooth Soft and curved enough to shine through your marble "can be seen in the Entrance Floor and Floor 1. At the invitation of SALT, Refik Anadol has created a media archive called "Archive Riyası", which is created with more than one million 700 documents in its collections.

Rediscover the place

The placement of the works in "Art Usage: Last Exhibition" is bringing art lover SALT Galata to re-discover from the beginning.



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