Small Mâbeyn Pavilion

The reception hall of the pavilion witnessed the saddest moment of Sultan Abdulhamid II(1876-1909), who created the Yıldız Palace complex during his 33-year reign of the Empire. He received a letter from a parliamentary committee on April 29, 1909 to leave the throne, and he was exiled to Thessaloniki the same day.

Located in the second court, Small Mâbeyn Pavilion is one of the most important structures of the palace, as it was the residence and office of Abdülhamid II and following sultans. He also received his visitors and accepted foreign dignitaries there.

This two-story stone building, commissioned to Raimondo D’Aronco in 1901, was designed in Art Nouveau style. The first floor with a hall and rooms was designed as an office, and the second room was solely used as a residence.

The handrails and ceiling decorations as well as leaded windows made by Josep Maria Bonet are well worth seeing. The private pavilion still has the original French furniture.

Private Bath of Sultan Abdulhamid II, commissioned to Raimondo D’Aronco, is connected to the Small Mâbeyn Pavilion. The bath was heated by the central heating system. It was designed combining the traditional Turkish and European bath systems.

It is located in the 2nd Court.

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