E-Visa is an endorsement that allows the bearer to enter Turkey.
It replaces “sticker”- and “stamp-type” visas formerly issued at the border crossing.
Applicants obtain their visa electronically after entering required information and making payment by credit card.
After successful application, e-Visa is e-mailed to the applicant. Applicants must print out their e-Visa, show it to airport officials and customs officers and carry it with them at all times during the travel.
E-Visa is only valid for tourism or trade purposes. For other purposes such as work or study, an application through our Embassies or Consulates must be submitted.
Turkish authorities can deny entrance of a holder of e-Visa to Turkey in certain cases. Holders of visas issued by Turkish embassies or consulates are subject to the same procedure too, thus can be denied entrance.

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