Yıldız Imperial Porcelain Factory

Once, this factory represented high technology in the palace, as Abdülhamid II enjoyed having the most recent technologies around him. This factory produced high-end hand-made ceramics for imperial pavilions and palaces.

Yildiz Porcelain Factory, built in 1893-1894 in the third court of the complex, was constructed 7 years after the sultan moved to Yıldız.

It is located next to the Malta Pavilion (Malta Köşkü) in Yildiz Park. Opened in 1895, the factory was constructed to meet the demand of the upper class buyers of European-style ceramics.

The factory is housed in an amazing building,similar to a European medieval castle. It was designed by Italian architect Raimondo D’Aronco, who was to introduce art nouveau to İstanbul.

The factory is still in operation and is open to visitors. There is a small ceramics shop at the entrance.

It is located in the 3rd Court.

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