Zeytinburnu on the European side of Istanbul, is a town with an area of 12 km2. There are 13 neighborhoods. In Istanbul after the Turkish beginning in the hands of the first settlements, Jerusalem was made by the communities in the vicinity Kazlıçeşme the pastors name. at times they live in Jerusalem, the priest came to this place with a nice local situation adorned a thousand colors of nature. Even in this era of climate which is suitable for cultivation of olives was the place for a stroll Zeytinburnu region. Istanbul kıyıcıg the city in a fun, recreation and navigation in place for many years has affected the lives of the people of Istanbul.

According to research conducted in recent years, II. Beyazit deed of the land before the Turkey has emerged that places era. Therefore Zeytinburnu land title records appear in Jerusalem as part of a priest of the place most Foundations Management (management of) have been transferred.

Zeytinburnu, southeast of Trakya, Çatalca peninsula, overlooking the slopes of the Marmara Sea, where it is combined with this also. Separated by walls with historical peninsula, the border E-5 highway and the airport 15-20 minutes away. Therefore, Istanbul is an important window opened out. East Fatih, Bayrampaşa the north, west Gungoren, Bakırköy, while the south is surrounded by the Marmara Sea. Located in the east to the west in 1953, directed by Fatih Bakırköy district, municipality in 1953 and has been in the 14th district of Istanbul in 1957.


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