Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum, originally called “the Air Museum” was first built in Izmir in 1971. However, due to lack of interest,it was moved to its present location in Yeşilköy, Istanbul in 1979.In 1985 it reopened to the public under the name “the Aviation Museum.”

The museum has an area of 15,000 square meters in total. Of this area, 12,000 square meters are open and 3,000 square meters are covered.

Many planes used throughout the Turkish Air Force’s history are on exhibit in the open area. These planes include wartime jets, other war and cargo planes, helicopters, anti-aircraft artillery, missiles, and radars. Many precious objects along the course of history of the Turkish Air Force are displayed in the covered area.

In addition to the display of emblems belonging to the Turkish Air Force, there is an aeronautical video playing for visitors at the museum’s entrance. In the Commander Busts Hall, there are some oil paintings of commanders who have left a positive mark on aviation history. Bronze busts of the several commanders, especially those in command positition, are showcased along with a short biography.

In the uniform section of the museum, collections of historical value, such as the uniforms belonging to the first aviation commanders during the Ottoman Empire are on display. Medals and the uniform worn by the first aviation martyr of the Ottoman Empire, Fethi Bey, attracts the attention of the museum’s visitors. In the arms section, rockets, weapons used by warplanes, and many historical materials are on display for visitors who hold an interest in military aviation.

Source: www.ibb.gov.tr

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