Changa Restaurant

Changa (meaning ''mix'' in Swahili) serves dinner every day except Sunday since 1999. Under the consultancy and supervision of renowned Kiwi chef Peter Gordon, Changa's kitchen presents modern style dishes utilizing fusion technique. The award winning young kitchen staff of the restaurant takes special pride in interpeted Turkish dishes in line with Peter's highly acclaimed style. Fusion,at its best,allows ingredients from all over the globe to be marinated, cooked and served together in harmony on the same plate. For us at Changa, a successful dish is when no flavor overwhelms the other.

The atmosphere of Changa Singles it out from the others in İstanbul as it combines old and new, classic and modern. The restaurant's trademark is the kitchen with a glass ceiling that allows patrons to walk over the cooking area and-literally-look over the chefs' shoulders while they prepare the food. The restaurant can accommodate up to 90 people at a time and the bar can handle up to 40. A Private Dining Room on the top floor is available to host a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 30 people for private occasions. Special menus for special occasions can also be arranged on request. The room's walls and celling are hand-painted(original artwork from 1903 is untouched). Charles Earnes chairs and tables. Paul Henningsen PH Copper Artichoke lamp dominate the space...Changa was designed by Avcioglu Architects and bult/restored in 11 months in 1999. Interior finish was done by Idil Ozbek. Changa hosts a collection of permanent art work by famous Turkish Artists like Canan Tolon, Ahmet Elhan and Ferhan Kızıltepe.

Changa has received significant amount of media attention and raving reviews in international press. Being chosen as one of The World's 50 Best Restaurants by internationally acclaimed The Restaurant Magazine published in the UK and being honored with Overall Excellence Award in 2002 by Time Out Magazine are only a few examples.


Phone: +90212 251 70 64
+90212 249 13 48
Address: Sıraselviler Caddesi No:47 Taksim/Istanbul

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