Develi Kebab

Develi Restaurant is a story of taste, expertise, professionalism and meticulousness that has been told from generation to generation. It was founded in Antep in 1912, by Arif Develi’s grandfather who is currently the Chairman of Develi’s Board of Directors. Arif Develi came to Istanbul in 1966 and opened Develi restaurant at Samatya, which is one of the historical places in Istanbul. Arif Develi met the industry at the age of 6 and thanks to his diligence and meticulousness, the Develi’s name has become a legend.

Arif Develi is still the Chairman of Develi's Board of Directors. However, Develi’s inheritance has been professionally carried to the future by his two sons, Ali and Nuri Develi. The remaining heirs of this legacy are master chefs and service team who have been trained by the teachings of Arif Bey. And, one must not forget that those who are familiar with Develi’s taste and quality have also a significant role in sustaining this legacy.

Arif Develi enriches the Antep cuisine by means of his own ingenuity and expertise. And through these new tastes, he built the legend of Develi. For instance, pistachio nut kebab – a type of kebab Develi is famous for- is actually a taste Arif Bey discovered on his own.

Develi Restaurant's first location opened in 1966 in Samatya which has a beautiful seascape. Kalamış with a magical sunset, Etiler with a beautiful secret garden in the heart of the city,then Ataşehir that is the new living and finance center of İstanbul followed it.Our last but but not least location is heavenly Florya so just by the Atatürk Int. Airport

Develi gains the well known taste authority's eulogies. In 2002, Develi also had choosen for 'İstanbul's best 5th restaurant in Zagat Survey 2002 by Zagat Magazine and ‘best 100 restaurant worldwide in 2006 by British Observer.


Phone: +90216 418 94 00
Fax:+90216 418 94 05
Address: Munir Nurettin Selcuk Cad. Kalamis Yat Limanı, Kadikoy/Istanbul

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