Dolmabahçe Harem


The Harem, the residence of the palace, consists of suites, rooms, and halls, covering almost  two thirds of the whole Palace. The eastern section of the L-shaped harem on the waterfront includes the private suites of the Sultan, Mother Sultan (Valide Sultan) and the Sultan's family (Harem-i Hümâyûn), whereas the quarters toward the street side housed "favorites" and concubines.

The neo-baroque style architectural plan of the harem section was inspired by the European and traditional Turkish designs, as well as the hierarchical structure of Topkapi Palace. Although The Harem is not in a separate location as it is in Topkapi Palace, it is privately situated within the structure. The Harem is connected to the Selamlik section by a long corridor.

The most interesting parts of the harem to see are the Blue Hall (Mavi Salon) and the Pink Hall (Pembe Salon), and the suites of the Valide Sultan (Mother Sultan), Sultan Abdülmecid, Sultan Abdülaziz, Sultan Mehmed Reşad, and Atatürk.

The Blue Hall (Mavi Salon) is named after the color of the furniture and curtains. During the religious holidays, Sultans permitted the celebration for the residents of the harem and other employees in this hall. The rug was brought from Yildiz Palace. Chandeliers are French Baccarat.

Pink Hall (Pembe Salon) is also named after the main color of the hall. With its view of the Bosphorus, It is one of the best halls in the palace. it was used by the Mother Sultan (Valide Sultan) to receive  guests. Ataturk also used this hall.

Atatürk's Room, where he passed away, was used by Sultans as a bedroom in winter. This room, now preserved in its original condition, was decorated with Ataturk's favorite furniture, paintings, and clock. The simplicity of his room is quite noteworthy. He picked the basic room compared to the more lavish rooms in the palace.

Visitor Information: 
Hours: They are from 09:00 am to 16:00 pm every day, except Monday and Thursday.
Rules: If there are signs, such as clearly prohibiting the use of flashes to protect the artwork, please, follow the rules.

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