Konyalı Restaurant

The restaurant is founded by the grandfather of family Haci Ahmet Doyuran, Doganbey, Konya, in a humble, little salon with 4 tables and 16 chairs in Sirkeci, Istanbul, under the name of “Konya Lezzet Lokantasi”, in 1897. After a while, he hands the restaurant down to his son-in-law Mustafa Doğanbey.

The restaurant, which is known with the cleanliness and savouriness, over time becomes one of the names that come to mind first under the title; “Istanbul Cuisine”. After 1940’s, especially with the efforts of Nurettin Doğanbey, the reputation of the Konyali spreads countrywide. The restaurant becomes one of the first choices of politicians, kings, queens and artists.


Phone: +90212 353 04 50
Fax: +90212 353 04 49
Address: Kanyon-Buyukdere Cad. No:185 K:1 Levent/Istanbul
Website: http://www.konyalilokantasi.com

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