Küçüksu Pavilion

Kücuksu Pavilion was commissioned by Sultan Abdülmecid I (1823-1861) and was designed and constructed by the Armenian-Turkish architect, Sarkis Balyan, in Baroque style in 1856. There had previously been a "Bostancı Ocağı" (Bostancı: person in-charge of the land plot for farming fruits and vegetables and of protecting the Bosphorous Ocak: regiment of the Ottoman army) on its building site. Sadrazam Divittar Emin Mehmet Paşa built a wooden kiosk for Sultan Mahmut I on this site in 1752. As the kiosk began to deteriorate with age, it was demolished and the current stone pavilion, or royal lodge, was constructed in the new style.

The pavillion is garnished with rococo ornaments which added a fresh complexion to the pavilion with perfect external engraving. Sultan Selim III dedicated the Baroque style fountainto his mother, Valide Mihrişah Sultan, in 1803. The fountain and the pool in the garden are well integrated with the Kücuksu Pavilion.

The pavilion was late rturned into a museum showcasing carvings, crystal chandelers, carpets, and the the fireplace. All these give an intense visionary pleasure for visitors.

Source: www.ibb.gov.tr

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