Maslak Pavilion

The Maslak Pavilion is located on Büyükdere Street, at the intersection of Istinye and Tarabya. The pavilion was built during the reign of Sultan Mahmut II, the 30th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, but its construction was finished, with the addition of another building during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz (1861-76), the 32nd sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The Maslak Pavilion was used for hunting and as a resting place by Sultan Abdülhamid who learned how to become the new Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in this pavilion.

The Maslak Pavilion consists of five sections: the Kasr-i Humayun (imperial kiosk), Mabeyn-i Humayun (imperial court), Limonluk (lemon mansion), Cadir Kiosk, and Pasalar (generals). Compared to other pavilions of the Ottomans, it has a simple structure in that only the sultan's signature has been is used to decorate the different sections of the pavilion.

The Kasr-i Hümayun (imperial kiosk) contains the bedroom and working room of Sultan Abdülhamit II. It is a two story structure that has a basement and and attic with a view of the sea. On both sides of the entry, there are columns on which the balcony is placed. The ceilings of all the rooms and the walls of the hall are decorated with engraved pictures.

The Mabeyn-i Hümayun (imperial court) was the private flat of the sultan, and consists of a single storey made of stone. There are invaluable plants, camellias, ferns, and banana trees in the lemon mansion. There is also a beautiful greenhouse located in the middle of the lemon mansion.

The Cadır Kiosk is a fancy two story structure in the shape of an octagon. It has wide valances on the roof, a balcony ringing the kiosk, and is built out of wood..

Paşalar Dairesi (General's room): It is a beautiful structure made of stone with a single storey and has a Turkish bath in the building.


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