Turkey’s Oscar Nominee “Ayla”

Turkey's Oscar nominee Ayla, who was influencing audiences at every special screening and festival he attended in Turkey and abroad, was white at Paramount Studios as the opening film of the Hollywood Turkish Films Festival this time. Mustafa Uslu's producer, Can Ulkay'ın directed by the Navy Commissioner of Solomon and the Korean War to save the death of the daughter of the film about the true story of Ayla'ya film, industry representatives, the domestic and foreign film actors appeared in the press.

Mustafa Uslu, Can Ulkay, Fahir Atakoglu who composed the filmin music, actors İsmail Hacıoğlu, Sinem Uslu, Cade Carradine and Johnny Young were also present in the movie which went to Los Angeles with the real Ayla Kim Eunja saved from death. After the screening, the filmmaker, who answered the questions of Turkish and American audiences, was applauded for a long time.

Turkey's Oscar-nominated candidate, AYLA, who transformed the most painful of the war into a universal and timeless love story, began his journey through the Toronto International Film Festival, recognized as Oscar's reporter in Cape Town and participated as a Contest Film in Cape Town International Film It continues at the same dates as the festival in the United States. Ayla will continue to travel around the world with her Turkey vision and Seoul premiere which will start on October 27th followed by the Asian International Film Festival where she will again be featured as Opening Film in Los Angeles on October 25th.

Ayla will be on the international market in November and December. Assala Hanil and Hyundai are among the sponsors in Ayla where Ziraat Bank's main sponsorship is Turkish Airlines' transportation sponsorship. Warner Bros is distributing Filmin.

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