Büyükada (Big Island)

Istanbul is Büyükada, the largest of the islands. Surface area of 5.4 square kilometers. The distance is 2300 meters in the Maltepe coast. On the islands, including one of the two hills located south and north. The southern hill is YÜCETEPE the 203 meters in height. There the northern hill İsa Tepesi (Jesus Hill).

World War 1 and vitality of the people who lost their Büyükada Greek Republic after the disappeared to a great extent until the 1930s. However, towards the 1940s, the state Republican era that came forward and high bureaucracy, has regained the distinction of being a summer resort favored the wealthy. Buyukada, the new pavilion at this time, and tastefully decorated with elaborate structures, the people of Istanbul took place at the beginning of their daily promenade. The island is located on the highest hill Yorgi church and monastery. The first building here was built in the 6th century Gregorian. In this position, there are a lot of churches and monasteries in ruins.

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Source: www.istanbulkulturturizm.gov.tr

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