Istanbul Islands has had many names throughout history. These; Evliya islands, Kesiş - Ruh islands, islands Cin - Halka (Ring) islands, Princes Islands, the Red islands. These are the most widely recognized by the world and the Prince Islands. The reason is from the Roman period, the rebels until after the Byzantine period, princes, and even the queen was exiled to the island of seeing that they killed around various forms of torture. Heybeliada most common names Dimoniso, Khalky is Halkitis and Halki. People have been among the most widely used Halki.

Island, geological formations are reinforcing the natural richness of Istanbul. Geological and topographic structure in terms of the fourth when the head is separated from the Kocaeli peninsula by land mass is considered a depression. Islands, during the formation of our world, Thrace / Kocaeli places fluctuation of peneplain, especially opening of the Straits, the southern part of the results remain below the sea water is remaining on the peneplain parts of water.

Islands, in terms of geographical distribution center and can be divided into two groups according to their environmental impact. Büyükada, Heybeliada, form and Kaşıkadası central Büyükada group. Kınalıada, Sedef Island, Tavşanadası second group consisting of Yassıada and Sivriada, the area encompasses the islands in the first group. all the islands, 16 km2 in area has about 542 hectares of which are covered with buildings. Other components are generally woodland, scrub and rocky.

The highest peak on the islands, Büyükada south YÜCETEPE is rising. Its height is 202 meters. The monastery in YÜCETEPE after IV. Murat (1623-1640) is known to be used for the treatment of mental and neurological disorders. The bird's-eye view of the islands is simple. The coasts usually no more than draw curves overhang recess. Bays is not more inset. Buyukada, flatfoot is reminiscent of a let up. Heybeliada, similar to a sparrow's profile facing backwards. Burgaz and Kınalıada a circular appearance. Height of the tallest island, Buyukada (5200 meters), most of the largest island of Heybeliada (2000 meters).


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