Heybeliada (Heybeli Island)

Heybeliada, Istanbul is the largest island after island of Büyükada. The reason it is called the island Heybeliada is the island resemble a saddle bag is allowed to place from afar.

Istanbul is one of the most sought-after countryside. Just by nature, and not as clean air and beauty, the Navy, the Sanatorium, clergy (priest) is renowned institutions such as schools. Heybeliada also boat trips to other islands, as has been started in the mid-19th century. Rich Greeks lived on the island, since there is a significant amount of the Navy's population lived in Turkey.

Most of the island is 2700 meters, height of 1200 meters. 4 Heybeliada hill formed, Istanbul is located in the middle of the island. The most Degirmentepe high hill (136 meters). Other hills, Quarry Hill, Makarios Tepe and Hope Hill. Formerly known as Pastor Pastor Hill School is located on the hill is 85 meters high. 4 There are also ports on the island. With a beautiful bay in Pine Harbor Naval Port are the most important ones.

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