Istanbul Fact Sheet


Regional Development Agencies have initiated a new era, bringing a boost to local  socioeconomic development in Turkey. The agencies coordinate the socioeconomic tendencies on a regional level by bringing together all the stakeholders including public sector, private sector, academics and Non-Governmental Organizations  NGOs), for the shared future of each region.

Team Spirit @the Agency

Istanbul Development Agency was established by the Council of Ministers’ Decree in 2008 in order to bring together the actors effective on the economic and social development of Istanbul, to handle the development potential of the region with a strategic perspective on both national and global levels, and to mobilize available resources. The dedicated and talented team of the Agency deals with three basic duties, which are regional plan of Istanbul, financial and technical support mechanisms for entrepreneurs and Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), and investment support and promotion services.

Download the file for more information: Istanbul Fact Sheet

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