Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem Imamoğlu

Ekrem Imamoglu, who was elected as the Mayor of Istanbul for the second time in the repeat elections of June 23rd, came to the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality building in Sarachane, after receiving his Mayoral Mandate from the Istanbul Election Board. Here he was welcomed by tens of thousands of citizens. Ekrem Imamoglu was accompanied by his wife Dilek Imamoglu, his elder son Mehmet Selim Imamoglu, his mother Havva Imamoglu, his father Hasan Imamoglu, his siblings and other family members, as well as many CHP Vice Presidents, CHP Istanbul Provincial Chair-Person Canan Kaftancioglu, IYI Party Istanbul Provincial Chair-Person Bugra Kavuncu and other IYI Party leaders.

Imamoglu, who took the presidential seat for the handover, received the mayoral seal from Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya. Ali Yerlikaya said “Today, I am handing over the duty of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, which I have been carrying out by proxy since May 7th, to Mr. Imamoglu. I would like to congratulate him and wish him success. May Allah bless him with luck. I would also like to thank the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality family, whom I have been working alongside during this time, as well as all my fellow townsman.”

Ekrem Imamoglu, who stated that everyone is aware of the sacred nature of Istanbul spoke as follows: “No doubt, at this point in time, I am the one who is feeling the sacred nature of being the mayor of such an ancient city the most. I hope Allah does not bring me to shame. I hope to do what is right, in order to look after this city, its history, its spirituality and everything that pertains to it from the past to the present. I hope and want to put forth a management mentality that avoids mistakes. This is a period of struggle. Of course, I promise in front of everyone, to act in character to together serve Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul.”

Imamoglu, who emphasized that he will pay attention to working harmoniously with everyone, also stated that Istanbul’s needs are many. Following the speeches, Ali Yerlikaya presented Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, with the mayoral seal. Ekrem Imamoglu is currently addressing tens of thousands of Istanbul citizens who have surrounded the mayoral building.


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